We use the technology of the drones with multispectral cameras to evaluate your farm and give you information that allows you to realize a specific management of the orchards based on the knowledge of the existing variability. We determine flaws that can exist and together we define a work plan on how to improve them.

For the collection of the photos we use PARROT SEQUOIA multispectral cameras, which allows analyzing the vitality of the plants detecting the amount of light that they absorb and reflect thanks to their multispectral sensors and of solar light where the human eye cannot distinguish.

When processing the images of the different spectra and combining them in specialized software, the different VEGETATIVE INDEX maps are obtained, which give us valuable information
• NDVI map. Through multispectral images we obtain a map with the quantity, quality, development and differences of vigor within a crop.
• Determination of optimal use of fertilizers.
• Early detection of pests and weeds.
• Plant count.
• Supervision of work.
• Detection of water stress zones